About Us

Market Lane Optical puts an emphasis on Quality Products and Premium Services to our Clients, Patients, Family and Friends. 


We are passionate in providing the best Vision care possible. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, the Market Lane Optical team have made it their mission goal to curate the best quality products pairing it with the highest lens technology on the market for your vision needs.


By excelling in establishing and carrying out our vision and philosophy of providing quality products and premium services, we have created a distinct brand that have attracted patients and clients from near and far. We have clients and patients from all over Canada and some of them even come from the United States for vision care at Market Lane Optical. These loyal clients and patients have come to appreciate our meticulous work ethic and expertise, allowing us to ensure accurate orders, provide up-to-date and valuable patient education, unique and high-quality eyewear, cutting-edge lens technology and coatings, and most importantly, exceptional customer service.